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Gymnastics Unlimited| Information and News

Gymnastics Unlimited Australia is a private club, and runs gymnastics classes for children 2-15 years old and adult.

The Director of the Club is Vladimir Shorinov, qualified physical education teacher, master degree in business

management in sport, an ex-Russian elite gymnast and top level International gymnastics coach.


  • To assist all children to enjoy happy, active and healthy lives through gymnastics activities.
  • To develop and improve strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and good posture.
  • Enable all members to achieve their full potential on competitive levels in an enjoyable gymnastics
  • environment.


  • Parents and children should familiarize themselves with the club rules to avoid any difficulties
  • No food or drink in the actual gym area, especially no chewing gum, no smoking
  • Parents are not permitted in the equipment area and must watch from the seating area
  • Please DO NOT bring your valuables
  • Parents please restrain all young non-gymnast children - from entering the gym at all times
  • Gymnasts must not enter the equipment area until called by a coach
  • No running through the gym
  • Gymnast may not leave class without permission from coach
  • No-one may use equipment without permission from a coach

Please notify Gymnastics Unlimited -if your child will not be continuing, as places are in demand and your child’s place may be filled in, unless we are notified of your intention to return.


  • leotards or shorts and tee shirt must be worn
  • tracksuits can be worn for warm up
  • NO socks or shoes in the gym area
  • long hair must be tied back
  • NO watchers, jewellery
  • Girl’s leotards for sale: $10- $120
  • Club t-shirt:  $20.00
  • Club training hoodie- $70.00
  • Club tracksuit- $105.00
  • Club jacket - $70
  • Club backpack- $60.00


  • With respect to all coaches and for the safety of your child, GUA have the following rules for all parents:
  • Parents are not to interrupt any coaching matters while viewing classes.
  • As you can appreciate, safety is the number one priority in the club. Parents are not to communicate with their child once class has committed, and during the period of the class, as your child is in the hands of their coach.
  • Parents are welcome to speak to management or to  coaches before or after class for any queries. For resolutions and dealing with class matters, please email


  • Fees are due within the first 2 weeks of the Term, if club have not received full payment or you have not contacted staff about your outstanding account by the end of week 3 your child will be not permitted to attend class and additional $20.00 administration fee will apply.
  • Fees are calculated on the numbers of hours trained per week
  • For a second child in the family a 10% discount is applicable.
  • General registration and insurance is charged once per year, per child.
  • Fees are refundable only if: you have medical certificate that your child is not allowed to do gymnastics or prior notificaton that you will be absent due to long term (over 3 weeks) family holiday.
  • Payments can be done in the office or by an account transfers.
  • Receipts will only be issued if requested.
  • Make up lessons will only be granted upon presentation of medical certificate.


Please park you car at the common area only.

Do not block driveway or occupy park bays next to other factories.

All children are to supervised by adult when walking between the car park and the gymnasium.



$65.00 Enrolment

$100.00 Enrolment State and National Levels Only


  • Gymnastics Unlimited membership 2023
  • Registration with the Victorian and Australian Gymnastics Associations 2023
  • Personal Accident Insurance Cover (Insured through MARSH) for 2023

At time of injury ensure that attending staff completes an accident report.

Claimant must contact Marsh to organise a claim form 

National Phone Number: 1300 306 383


Programs for boys and girls:

  • Competitive Gymnastics 5-18 years old
  • Recreation Gymnastics 5-15 years old
  • Kinder Gym 1-5 years old
  • Birthday Parties
  • Adult Classes
  • Acrobatics for Dancers
  • Tumbling and Parkour for Teenagers
  • School Programs
  • Gymnastics Personal Training
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Ladies Body Toning
  • Trampolining & Tumbling for all ages

Lost Property:

Lost property is placed in a basket under the stairs to the kitchen.

All clothing not collected by the end of the Term will be taken to a charity bin.

Terms and Holidays for 2023

Term 1: 30th January- 6th April (9/10 weeks)

Term 2: 24th April- 24th June (9 weeks)

Term 3: 10th July- 16th September (10 weeks)

Term 4: 2nd October- 23rd December (12 weeks)

Please note classes are continued through all public holidays.

Club Championship 2023 for Gymstar and National programs

Mid year: 18th June

End of year: 10th December